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Last updated 20 Feb 2024
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Miniroos - Club Football (U6 & U7)

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Miniroos are oriented to develop a consistent level of both footballing skill and athletic ability, through a weekly basic development level circuit program as well as a game-based exercise, and to provide future players with fundamental skills and co-ordination required to participate in small sided football.

Young players are able to begin being introduced to playing football in a team environment at a familiar location amongst the safety of friends and family. 

To ensure children are able to achieve the best progression, the program has been developed to:

  1. Continue to increase exposure to the game for young children; and
  2. Provide parents and future coaches with the appropriate skillset to develop young players.

Sessions are 90 mins long and are held weekly on a Saturday morning (excluding school holidays and public holidays). 

Parents will be asked to volunteer as team coach where they will be instructed, supervised & mentored by the Club Technical Director of Coaching - Juniors.  The Technical Director will decide what skills & drills are to be done each session and explain to the Coaches how each skill or drill is to be undertaken.  They also provide instruction & direction while the skill or drill is being executed. After the skills session, the Parent Coaches will be expected to referee the in-house small-sided game. 

This unique in-house U6 & U7 program was introduced at Taringa in 2012 and has been very successful in providing consistent skill development to those young players starting out at football.  It has also been successful in providing an excellent environment for any parents who may be interested in becoming a coach to learn the ropes in a supported & controlled way.    Many of the parents who started out helping their child’s team in U6 & U7 have gone on to coach their children’s teams in the older age groups & have reaped the benefit of being part of the club community & involved in their child’s football.

When are U6/U7 sessions?

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

One session (includes skills session plus small sided game) per week on Saturdays as follows:

U6’s 8.30am to 10am

U7’s 9.30am to 11am.

Sessions will run through school terms 2 & 3

In 2024 the season will kick off after Easter School Holidays (23 April 2024).

There is no additional training session during the week for these age groups and all sessions are held at Jack Speare Park each week

Players will be allocated to a team and parent coaches are required for each team (please contact Inhouse Juniors Coordinator if you can assist with coaching). 

Where to go

The session will commence with a Skills Session which will be conducted on the Main Field in the corner furthest from the Clubhouse (Lambert Road end).  After the Skills Session, teams will play a small-sided game against other Taringa Rovers teams in the same age group.

See the Playing Map

Team Coaches and Managers

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

We ask for parent volunteer coach and/or coaches for each team and a dedicated manager to be the central point of contact for team communication. 

At the end of training, we ask that our parent community assist with packing up of the fields, including goals, to ensure the fields are quickly accessible for the next age group starting training. 

All coaches and managers must register as a volunteer through Squadi and provide a Bluecard (working with children) check. There is no cost for this and Taringa Rovers assists you with this quick process. 

Please contact our U6 - U6 coordinator, Alexander,  if you can assist with coaching or managing your players team.

Information for Parents

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Where to watch
Other than to escort a player onto the field prior to the session, no parents, carers, spectators or siblings are to be on the Main Field at any time.  Spectators may sit outside the perimeter fence on either the Fairley Rd or Lambert Rd sides of the field.

Spectators may move to the other side of the main field and to watch the games by way of the embankment below the clubhouse or around the outside of the fence at the Lambert Road end of the field.   Please sit adjacent to the dividing fence off the playing surface of the main field.  

Viewing areas are marked in green on the Playing Map.

NO prams, fold up chairs or anything else that may cause damage are allowed on the playing surface of the field AT ANY TIME.

What to Bring
For each session please ensure each player has the following:
Uniform, shin pads & boots
Water bottle
Sunscreen applied before taking the field
(Club balls will be used)

Wet weather procedure

The status of the fields is shown on the top right hand side of the home page:  see here

The status will be updated by 7.30am on Saturday morning. No session will be held if the field is closed.


Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Uniforms can be ordered from our supplier Statewide Sports. Please visit the UNIFORMS page for more information

Players continuing from the Kick-Off program do not need to order a new kit if they already have one as it is the same as what was used for the Kick-Off program.

It is compulsory for all players to wear the TRSFC Playing Kit and shin pads each week. 

TRSFC Bucket hats are optional, but encouraged. No sport caps are allowed to be worn during games.

Shinpads and hats are also available to purchase through Statewide Sports.

Junior  Kit 22- 12- 17

MiniRoos Format and Rules (U6 - U11)

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Click heMiniRoos Playing Formats U6-U11 for the details of the format and rules for MiniRoos games including number of players on the field, field size, ball size etc.


Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Please email with any queries.

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