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Last updated 6 Aug 2022
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Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Short on time? We have many volunteer opportunities which can be done while you're watching a game, or once a season.  Please take a look below and let us know how you can help Taringa Rovers. The players, and Taringa Rovers community appreciate you.



Ground Officials

Home game day impartial adult to wear an official "ground official" easily identifiable vest, available for match officials 10 mins prior to kick off for all requirements refer FQ rules of competition

Ice supply check

Check there is ice available at the canteen for injuries at the start of each game


Our fields are part of a watercourse that flows east directly into the Brisbane River. The Taringa community is to practice "take 3 for the sea" by collecting 3 pieces of rubbish

Dugout and Change Room Check

Check that dugout and change room clean at the end of each game

Grounds Check

Walk the grounds to collect any rubbish, check on and report any damage (game day and training day)

FQPL operate the Veo cameras at each game. Will require a representative from the playing team to undertake this task


Pull out a few weeds from the garden beds as you wait/ watch a game

FQPL teams: Veo operator operate the Veo cameras at each game. Will require a representative from the playing team to undertake this task

Team photo co-ordinator

along with the manager, ensure the team arrive at the location of team photos on time, check names against the children in the photo, ensure correct uniform is on all players and coaches

Social Events

Organise social events that can include the whole team

Taringa Supporters- promote community spirit

Research and promote dates times of top team mens and womens games and encourage team attendance (from gameday, facebook), promote when other games are on, watch games that are on after and before yours


Promote fundraising events and contribute to/ suggest/ organise additional fundraising/ social events

End of year trophy and photo collection

Depending on the break up at end of year- photos and trophies may need to be collected from the club (if there is no larger crowd presentation event)

Score Board

Put scores up on scoreboard during matches. NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Last game of the day goal return

If playing the last game of the day, check that goals are locked away, change rooms are locked. Check and report any damage to grounds or goals.

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