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Last updated 17 Jun 2024
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Squadi You Tube User Guide

To watch a Squadi user guide to register a player, click this link.  If you prefer to read instructions, they are below. 

Squadi Made Easy

Important Question – Do you already have a Squadi Account, or do you need to
create one?

If you already have a Squadi account:
When you log into your Squadi App please check that the top left-hand corner says, ‘Hey
Your name’. If it doesn’t it is usually because you have a child who plays at the club and the
account says, ‘Hey Child’s name’. If this is the case, contact the club REGISTRAR
for assistance.

If this says your name – you are good to go!

  1.  Bottom right-hand corner you will see the More option - click that.
  2. Scroll down a little and you should see Register Profile - click that.
  3. Select your child as the participant
  4. Check the details are correct in the screen that comes up.
  5. Click Next
  6. Find a competition – ignore the postcode –click in the empty box in the organization 
search and type Taringa – find and select Taringa Rovers – scroll to the bottom of the
page and select page 2 if necessary.
7. Then choose the program you require:
  • Metro Miniroos & U12 if your child is playing in an U6-12s team.
  • Metro Community Junior if your child is playing in an U13-U18s team
  • Metro Community Seniors if your child is over 16 but playing in a Metro
  • Men/Women’s team.

8. Membership details – select the product you require – Player, Manager, Coach etc
9. Click on the dropdown box – select age group
10. Scroll to the bottom and select Add competition and Membership
11. Answer the questions – the ones with the red asterisk require answer to proceed
12. Select Add competition and Membership
13. Read and then check the Terms & Conditions and click continue
14. Pay the required fee by your preferred method
15. Click Submit

Once completed correctly you will receive a receipt from Squadi. If you have problems let me

If you need to create a Squadi account :

• Go to the Play Store or the App Store and download the Squadi App
• Open the Squadi App and select the Create Account button
• Enter your details and create a password - click the small + and enter Taringa and
create a password - click Next
• Once completed click next
• Register your profile (parent) as the primary contact
• Click on your name as the participant
• Complete your details
• Add your child by clicking add participant – scroll to the bottom and click add family
• Complete steps 5 - 15 above.

Which age group "product" do I select in Squadi?

  • U6 - U12 boys, girls, Wallaby, Quokka, City, United and Miniroos, select Metro MiniRoos and U12

  • U13 - U18 Metro teams, (any team which is NOT a FQA team) select Metro Community Juniors

  • U9 - U12 FQA teams select FQ Academy U9-U12

  • U13 - U18 FQA teams select FQ Academy League 3 Boys

  • Senior Men and Senior Women select "Senior Men and Senior Women"

  • Masters - please register into Squadi, as of 24/01/24. Select "Queensland Masters"

NB - Football Queensland classes 18 and under as Juniors, and 19 -34 as Seniors, 35 and over as Masters  

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