U9-U11 Info

U9, U10 & U11 Coach & Manager Information

Accessing your team lists on this website:

All team managers and coaches have access to the team lists from the website registration system where (among other things) team emails can be sent.

Instructions on how to login are here.
You can also direct parents to the Helpful Info Helpful Info page of the website under the Info tab which has instructions on how they can login to their account & change communication options (eg add an additional email address) or other information. (How to amend personal details and communication options)

Reporting Match Scores:

Click HERE for instructions on how to record match scores as required by Football Brisbane.

All players must have an active PlayFootball registration prior to playing.   This can be checked in the PlayFootball Status field of their registraiton in the team dugout on this website.    This can be seen by exporting the list of players (top right).  

  • If they do not have ACTIVE, they will not be available for selection on the SportsTG team sheet.   
  • A player will only have ACTIVE if they have paid in full/committed to a payment plan AND have a pending PlayFootball registration.   

  • If not ACTIVE, then action needs to be taken to finalise the registration as follows:


PENDINGPending Playfootball registration. 
Payment outstanding.
No action required.
Click on invoice or login to account to pay.
PAID/UNREGISTEREDNo Playfootball registrationComplete Playfootball registration via THIS LINK
UNPAID/UNREGISTEREDNo Playfootball registration
Payment outstanding
Complete Playfootball registration via THIS LINK
Click on invoice or login to account to pay.

Cut off for eligible registrations to be approved for weekend matches is lunchtime Thursdays for weekend matches. Note: If a player has done a Playfootball registration and is still not ACTIVE it is likely they have not completed payment - ask them to login and check their payment status.


Fixtures are available on the Sports TG website.

This should be checked on the day of the match as it is subject to change without notice.

There is also an app that can be used to set up reminders and check away game locations - info HERE.

Coaches and Managers should also be familiar with Football Brisbane’s Extreme weather policy which governs what should occur in games in the event of certain weather conditions.  Click HERE

Ground Use info for Training & Games: 

Please see instructions HERE with guidelines for use of the grounds during training & on game days.

Coaching Resources: 

Please see HERE for the FFA coaching resources for this age group and HERE for the FFA National Curriculum.

Click HERE for the Playing Format and Rules 

Click HERE for a list of positive phrases to use on game day

Home matches:


Teams playing 1st on a Saturday morning are to set up goals on the field.  

Teams playing last are to return goals to fence on Carnarvon Rd side of the field - if there isn't another team warming up to play after yours then it's likely you are the last to play.


Home teams are responsible for providing the referee.  The club has some junior players who will be refereeing the U9-U11 matches but home teams should be ready to provide a referee if no club referee is available.  Match rules & info can be found here


Teams to wear the White jersey's unless opposition in White, then to wear bibs available from the club canteen.


See here for tips on setting up a fruit roster

Wet weather procedure

The status of the Taringa Rovers grounds is shown on the home page top right-hand side - see here.

The status of away grounds is listed at www.footballbrisbane.com.au -> Competitions -> Junior Ground Closures.  Click here.  

Note that it is the status of the ground that determines whether or not a game goes ahead, not necessarily the weather.  If rain forecast or after a rain period it's a good idea to check the status of the ground just prior to leaving home.


Please email u9tou11juniors@taringarovers.com.au with any queries.