Notes on Registering for the 2019 Season

All age groups are now being wait listed as teams are at capacity.  If you wish to register for any of the following age groups you will need to email the age group coordinator to confirm if a place is available. DO NOT REGISTER FOR ANY AGE GROUPS WITHOUT CONFIRMING WITH THE AGE COORDINATOR FIRST.


U6 to U8:

U9 to U11:

U12 to U16:

Senior Men:

Senior Women:

Over 35:

Registrations and information on the Play Football system (replacing the myfootballclub system) can be made via this page: PLAY FOOTBALL REGISTRATION

1. This page is for registration of players in Under 6 through to Over 35's.  

Registration for the Miniroos Kick-off for players aged 3 to 5 years will be available in February 2019.  Information about this program can be found HERE.

2. All information about fees, deposits, volunteer discounts and refunds can be found on the relevant Fees & Information Page - Click HERE for Juniors and HERE for Seniors.  Fees and discounts will be automatically calculated when players are registered.  Note that there is an additional enrolment acceptance fee of $100 per player for players in the SYL / Komodo Dragon / top divisional teams.   This fee is not included on your invoice as players offered positions in these teams will pay the additional $100 as confirmation of their position separately.  This fee will cover additional coaching and training resources for these teams. 

3. When registering your player, remember that the player's age-group is the age they turn at their birthday in the calendar year they play.  For example, any player turning 8 between 1 January & 31 December 2019 will play in Under 8 (U8) for the 2019 Season.

4. Please ensure the steps detailed in the section below are completed for all players you are registering ie. registration and payment in the club system AND registration in the FFA Play Football registration system (including Over 35's which new for 2019). 

The link to the Play Football registration will be provided at the end of the club registration or it is available at PLAY FOOTBALL REGISTRATION.  

5. Using a Get Started Voucher? Register to the final step, choose pay another way and then email the registrar.  Get Started Vouchers will be accepted from January 2019 when the signed voucher can be emailed to . A credit will be applied to the registration and the payment link will be emailed back to you.

Playing Senior Women but aged 18 or Under? Choose the Senior Women playing group, register to the final step, choose Pay Another Way and then contact the Club Registrar or Treasurer.  A credit will be applied to the registration (to reflect the lower FFA fees for a Junior playing in a Senior Comp) and the payment link will be emailed back to you.

6. A new registration system is in place for all players' Football Federation Australia (FFA) Registration This was previously the myfootballclub registration but is now called the Play Football Registration.   

The link to the Play Football registration will be provided at the end of the club registration or it is available at PLAY FOOTBALL REGISTRATION.  

Players will not be permitted to take the field to play unless they have a completed registration, payment in full (or confirmed payment plan) AND FFA Play Football registration.  

7. Whist every effort is made to ensure everyone who wishes to play will be able to, each age group has a different quota of players that can be accommodated.  This may mean that some age groups may fill up and be closed before others. Preference will be based on date of registration and if fees are paid.  Availability will be updated on the website.  

8. As a volunteer operated club, all members will be asked to contribute from time to time.   Please be prepared to join in and support the club to support the players.

9. Already registered a player?  If you wish to have the sibling discount applied to the registration of a subsequent child, please email the Club Registrar who will assist.    Info on how to login to your account & access your registration can be found HERE  

10. Uniform shop:  Players who are new to the club will have uniforms and/or playing kit included in their registration - see the relevant Fees & Information Page for full details - Click HERE for Juniors and HERE for Seniors.   Players in Under 12 to Under 16 will need shorts and socks and can purchase them if necessary from the online shop during registration.  If you do order any items from the uniform shop - check the Junior Football General Info tab for updates on when collection will be available.


Welcome to the 2019 Season!! 



1. Complete the registration through the club registration system by clicking on the REGISTER NOW button below;

2. Pay online by Visa/Mastercard, by BPay through your bank or set up payment plan;

3. Complete the FFA Play Football registration.  This will be successful if you receive an email with the subject "Your registration to Football - Pending Approval".  The Club Registrar will approve the registration and you will receive another email confirming approval - this approval (and email confirmation) can take a number of days as it is done manually by the club.

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