Where do my fees go?

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

This is a common question and one that is important for our members to understand.
Registration fees paid by players are made up of the following:

  • Football Federation Australia fees (per player)
  • Football Queensland fees (per player)
  • Insurance (per player)
  • Referee fees
  • Field & facilities maintenance
  • Leasing of training fields
  • Utilities
  • Training Equipment
  • Capital Building Levy
  • Club Supporter Shirt

Using a fair play voucher? 

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Using a Fair Play (Get Started) Voucher? Enter the details at the payment step. 

Fair Play vouchers are a great way to get your child into sport. For more information, click HERE

Fee assistance? 

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

You may be eligible for fee assistance through the Queensland government Fair Play Voucher system.

Click HERE for more information

Family discount 

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

An $80 family discount will be applied to each family member registered as a Taringa Rovers SFC full fee paying member from the second family member onwards (Does not include the players registered for the kick-off program).  The first family member will be charged at the full membership fee rate.  Family discounts will be automatically applied on registering provided that all family members are registered in the one registration process and are living at the same address.  The Family Discount is not applied to players in a FQPL team. The club has worked very hard to keep the costs for members of the FQPL teams down. For this reason, the family discount does not apply to players in these teams.

Volunteer Levy Refund

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Coaches and Managers are entitled to $100 refund which is applied to your Taringa Rovers account at the end of the playing season. This is for use towards the following year registration fees. All Volunteer refund amounts apply to the team, and should a team appoint more than one Coach or Manager, the fee variation will be shared equally between the two. 


Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Every year we get requests to refund registrations for a variety of reasons. In these situations, and at the club's discretion, we charge a $20 per player administration fee plus any other fees incurred by the club as a result of the players FFA registration.  If a player has commenced training will impact the amount of any refund.

Please note the FFA portion of the fees is subject to the FFA refund policy and the club has NO DISCRETION over that portion of the fees.  FFA refund policy can be viewed HERE.   Please send requests for withdrawal and refund to 

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