PlayFootball Registration

An FFA PlayFootball registration is compulsory for all players. Below are guides and assistance on how to register.
This system was introduced in 2019 and replaced the MyFootballClub registration system.

What's new?

With the PlayFootball system, each user (not necessarily a player) must create a Football Account using an email address.  

Once logged into your Football Account, player registrations can be made. If a player has been registered in a previous season their FFA number should be linked to the account or new players can be registered.   

Parents/guardians can register all their players under the same Football Account.  The person having the Football Account can be a non-player (eg a parent or guardian).  See the instructions below on how to link players to your Football Account.


Links to guides to register:


A couple of tips before registering:

  • Have a photo ready to upload
  • Be sure to select the correct registration product eg. Over 35's select 5. Player - Over 35's.  
  • Under the "Available Registration Products" if no selection is made from the dropdown lists, ALL registration products will be visible - scroll down the list to find the appropriate product.  However, if selecting from the dropdown lists then choose:
    Football TypeCompetition Level
    Over 35's Social Social
    Everyone elseClub FootballCommunity
  • Any player aged 18 and under who is playing in U18's, U20's, Senior Women or Senior Men are to choose the option "Junior Playing in Senior Competition".
  • If after registering with Play Football, players are issued with a new FFA number which is different from the one which has been used previously, please email  The registrar will be sending a bulk request to Play Football to merge the accounts - unless otherwise requested, the original FFA number will prevail.

Where do I get help?

Read the guides above and explore the other guides available on the Play Football Support website.

Assistance with the PlayFootball registration system:

Contact Support

Assistance with the Taringa Rovers registraton system email the Registrar