U12 to U16 Coaches & Managers Information

Follow the steps below to ensure you are armed with all required registrations and information to manage your team.

Please email divisionals@taringarovers.com.au with any queries.

1. Accessing your team list on this website:

All team managers and coaches have access to the team lists from the website registration system where (among other things) team emails can be sent.

Instructions on how to login are here.

2. Play Football Registration for Coaches & Managers

All Junior Divisional Coaches & Managers are required to register in the Play Football system. 

Links and information on how to do this via THIS link.

3. Check players are Active

In order to play, a player must have an Active Play Football registration.  To check this, when viewing the players list from the Team Dugout, ensure all players have the following status:

  • A player will only have Registered - Active status if 
a. they have paid in full/committed to a payment plan 


b.have a PlayFootball registration. 

  • Alternative PlayFootball status will be:
  - PlayFootball registration required via THIS LINK
  - Payment required

The PlayFootball field is NOT LIVE - it is updated manually on a Wednesday evening and a Friday morning, therefore the PlayFootball status will only update once that sweep process is complete.     Cut off for eligible registrations to be approved for weekend matches is lunchtime Thursdays for weekend matches. 


A. PlayFootball registrations completed after the previous sweep will not register a change of status until the next sweep. 

B. If a player has done a Playfootball registration and is still not ACTIVE it is likely they have not completed payment - ask them to login and check their payment status.   

Players with an Active Playfootball registraiton would have received an email from rvmailbounce@resultsvault.com  with the following text: 

You have now been made Active for your registration to Taringa Rovers Soccer Football Club. Taringa Rovers Soccer Football Club will contact you shortly to organise your next steps for the season.

Kind Regards,
PlayFootball Team

3A. Match Sheet Instructions - 2021

All match sheets are to be submitted through the Brisbane.myfgc Portal.  

A summary of the process is:


In preparation for the season:

1. Register in Play Football as a coach or manager – see above instructions on how to do this

2. Login to Brisbane.myfgc portal via this link: https://brisbane.myfgc.com.au/login.phpUser name is your FFA number and initial password is also your FFA number.  

3. Follow the instructions - Brisbane.myfgc Quickstart Guide.  

4. If you are unable to see your team in the portal, email registrar@taringarovers.com.au to request that you be added to your team in Brisbane.myfgc (include your team name) 

5. Add players to team and photos of all players in your team to the FB Game Day – they do not transfer across from PlayFootball.  Do this well prior to the first fixture.  Instructions on adding photos are HERE.

For each match:

1. Create Match Sheet and submit in FB Game Day portal – see the Quickstart Guide linked above.

4. Fixture Information

All fixture information is listed at the Sports TG webpage.  This can also be accessed from the Fixtures/Results link on the rhs of the HOME page.

Wet weather information can be accessed here; http://www.footballbrisbane.com.au/junior-wet-weather

Fixtures details can change without notice so it is good practice to check the website shortly before leaving home for a fixture - especially if it is an away fixture.

5. Referee Fees

There are 2 external sources of referees for Taringa:  

Football Brisbane & 

Club Referees (where no Football Brisbane are appointed we are fortunate to have a volunteer (external to the club) that arranges club referees for a number of the local clubs.

Football Brisbane pays Football Brisbane Referees and then invoices the club.

Club Referees will be paid by EFT on submission of a form by them whcih is provided to them by the Club Referee coordinator. .  

The home team is responsible for payment of the referees fees.   Therefore as a manager for home games you need to:

1. Ascertain if you have a full complement (1 x ref & 2 x linesmen) of referees appointed by Football Brisbane.  To do so check HERE. If yes, then no further action is needed (other than leave your match sheet in Rob's office - see below)

2. If no, then check HERE to check if club referees have been appointed & then follow the process below.

3. If no referees have been appointed then be prepared to grab parents or any other volunteers to referee &/or run the lines.

Managers are to email their age-group co-ordinator if the advertised referees do not turn up to the games so that the club can check it is not being charged.

6. Home Ground Game & Training Information for Coaches

Please see this information sheet for important information and requirements at home games & during training.

7. Wet Weather Procedures

The status of the Taringa Rovers grounds is shown on the home page top right hand side - see here

The status of away grounds is listed on the Football Brisbane website here. 
(www.footballbrisbane.com.au -> Competitions -> Junior Wet Weather)

Note  that it is the status of the ground that determines whether or not a game goes ahead, not necessarily the weather.  In the event of imminent rain or after a period of rain it is a good idea to check the ground status prior to leaving home.

8. 1st Time Manager?

Click here for some tips & suggestions if it's your 1st time managing.

Any extra tips from experienced managers?  Please email registrar@taringarovers.com.au so we can add to this document!