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Last updated 6 Aug 2022
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Miniroos - Club Football (U9 - U12)

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Players at this level begin training and playing matches against other clubs from the Brisbane region, and are given opportunity for progression through more team-based and game-based scenarios.

Players are generally graded into one of three divisions based on their individual abilities. Players are encouraged to play within their graded teams for their own personal development, however, no player is forced to play at a particular grade at the expense of their enjoyment of playing with friends.

Additional training and development through the Academy and Development Program may be offered to players subject to available spots and additional fees.

The divisions for grading at this level are:

  • Kangaroos
  • Wallabies
  • Quokkas

Coaches are drawn from suitably qualified parent-coaches and current senior players. All coaches are provided with assistance and the opportunity to obtain an appropriate coaching license.

When are u9 - u12 sessions

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

All U9 - U12 games are played on a Saturday morning. U11's and U12's can spill into early afternoon. 

When and where is training?

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Training times and field maps can be found HERE

What uniform do I need? 

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

U6-U12 teams are to purchase their own playing shirt, shorts and socks.  Shin guards are mandatory and studded boots are strongly recommended, both of which also need to be purchased. You can purchase uniform through our uniform supplier, Statewide sports. Click HERE.

Playing Format and Rules u9-u12

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

The U9 age groups introduce goalkeepers and play 7  a-side on approximately 1/4 pitch with two x 20 minute halves. Games are on Saturday morning. The emphasis is on building skills in preparation for competitive football. The U9 age group is softly graded in leagues such as Kangaroo, Wallaby and Quokka. 

The U10 to U11 age groups play 9-a-side on 1/2 size pitches with 25 minutes in each half.  These age groups are softly graded into the Kangaroo, Wallaby and Quokka leagues, although no league tables will be published.

Under 9 - Under 11 Playing format click HERE

The U12 age group is now considered Juniors and whilst the play 9-a-side on 1/2 size pitches with 25 minutes in each half, they are also graded into divisions. The expectations of competitive football are introduced to provide players, coaches and managers a season to learn the ropes. Team sheets and match sheets will still be loaded however there will be no public facing ladders.  Match results may also be taken into consideration for Under 13 Grading in 2023. Again, this is not mandatory, but is encouraged and assists in painting a holistic picture. 

Under 12 Playing Format - click HERE

Team Coaches and Managers

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

We ask for parent volunteer coach and/or coaches for each team and a dedicated manager to be the central point of contact for team communication. 

At the end of training, we ask that our parent community assist with packing up of the fields, including goals, to ensure the fields are quickly accessible for the next age group starting training. 

All coaches and managers must register as a volunteer through PlayFootball and provide a Bluecard (working with children) check. There is no cost for this and Taringa Rovers assists you with this quick process. 


Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Fixtures are available on the Sports TG website.

This should be checked on the day of the match as it is subject to change without notice.

There is also an app that can be used to set up reminders and check away game locations - info HERE.

Coaches and Managers should also be familiar with Football Brisbane’s Extreme weather policy which governs what should occur in games in the event of certain weather conditions.  Click HERE


Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Teams to wear the Blue and White jersey's unless opposition in Blue and White, then to wear bibs available from the club canteen. When laundering team jerseys, please keep them all together and launder them all together via a team laundry roster. Do not send individual jerseys home with individual players. This keeps the jerseys looking the same and ensures they return at the same time.

Wet weather procedure

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

The status of the Taringa Rovers grounds is shown on the home page top right-hand side - see here.

The status of away grounds is listed at

Note that it is the status of the ground that determines whether or not a game goes ahead, not necessarily the weather.  If rain forecast or after a rain period it's a good idea to check the status of the ground just prior to leaving home.


Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Please email Glenn any queries.

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