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Last updated 6 Aug 2022
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Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

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Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

The success of a great club like ours is dependent on our volunteers and supporters. 

A few hours of your time goes a long away towards helping us help our players and the Taringa Rovers community at large. Help make Taringa Rovers the best it can be. 

Volunteers are required for multiple roles across the organisation through out the year, please see some of the positions available below. If you are happy to be a general volunteer, we'd love to hear from you. Please email our volunteer coordinator.

Don't have a lot of time? Then click this link and help your club for an hour a season.

Kick Off Coordinator terms 2 and 3 (ages 3.5 - 5 years program) 

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Do you have a player aged between 3 and 5, and who is keen to join our Kick Off Program at Taringa Rovers? Then consider also being our Kick Off Coordinator. This is a computer based role, helping parents enrol, answering general enquiries and when the season starts, turning up to make sure there are not any parents who don't know where to go. Your kiddies will get gratis enrolment fees in return for you volunteering your time to help keep the Kick Off program great. Information about the Kick Off program is on our website. Interested? Please contact Lauren, our volunteer coordinator for more information.

Time Commitment - Terms 2 and 3 only, approx 1 hour per week.

Defib coordinator and first aid stock 

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Mums and dads skilled in the medical industry, this volunteer role is for you. Please donate your time to give a presentation to our coaches, managers and ground officials on how the defib works, and what to do when it is needed. Please check the defib periodically throughout the season to ensure it is stocks and working. A second part of this role is to check the medical kit and first aid stock and ensure the kit is available, accessible and up to date should it be needed. Please contact our volunteer coordinator for more information.

Time commitment - 1 hour per month

Junior Carnival Coordinator 

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

This is a role which can be done by one person, or two friends can take it on and share the experience.

  • Coordinate the U8 -  U12 Carnival to be held at the Club for a fun inhouse comp.
  • Create your carnival committee to assist you
  • Will suit someone with strong organisational skills.
  • This is a once a year carnival held at Taringa Rovers. You will be organising a fun day for all involved. There will be fixtures created for the teams by the director of coaching. Your role is to send out invitations, assist with creating teams, organising other fun activities and food and drinks. 
  • This carnival is only held once a year and it is a great way to bring the Taringa Rovers community together for a fun competitive inhouse comp. (This is not a fundraiser, you are not expected to ask for donations although we do hold a raffle on the day)
  • Please contact our volunteer coordinator for more information.

Time Commitment - The time commitment would be what suits you, this carnival is for our U8 - U12 teams and is held once a year for one morning on a weekend. It is a lot of fun for our junior players. Please get involved and help make this happen for our young players in 2022. They love it. 

Newsletter Coordinator 

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Are you on a career break, staying at home with the kids while your partner is out working, or someone who has kids at the club and wants to give back? Then we want YOU. Keep your mind active while being involved with an amazing club, work with fun like minded people. 

  • Compile and distribute e-newsletter to members each month. 
  • Work alongside committee members & clubhouse manager to ensure relevant information is included
  • This is a great role, It will keep you involved with your child's club, and allow you the creative freedom to make a really fun interesting newsletter for our community.

Skills required

  • Use a computer well
  • Can re word things so it looks like it's written by an adult
  • Has a sense of layout, knows where to add pictures and understands 47 font has a place, maybe not in the newsletter 
  • Can use email competently to communicate with coaches, managers and committee members for content
  • You'll be given creative licence to create a newsletter for our Taringa community 
  • We have many experienced members who will support you and welcome you to our Taringa Rovers community.  

  • Excellent written skills
  • Good organisational skills

Time commitment

1 hours per week. You will be given a club email and access to the Taringa Rovers management system to communicate with parents, committee members, coaches, managers and more. This role is done from home when you can fit it in.  

Final thoughts

Instead of watching yet another season of MasterChef, you could be playing on your laptop at night contributing to Taringa Rovers and your football community.  Keen to find out more? Please email our volunteer coordinator.

Match day/Ground Official Coordinator 

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Ensure each team has a ground official representative for home games, record names (ground officials can be asked to report on match/ spectator incidents so the club needs to know the names). This role takes place on a Saturday during our home games for our teams aged 8 - 12. Please contact our volunteer coordinator to discuss.

Movie event night/Social Coordinator 

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Love throwing a good party or organizing a fun event. Please volunteer your time for this role within the Taringa Rovers Community. You would have free rein to design up to three fun social events per year for our community. With covid restrictions easing all the time, we would welcome some social events at our club. In the past our players have enjoyed movie nights, our mums have enjoyed Melbourne Cup Days, and our dads have enjoyed Friday nights at the club house. Please contact our volunteer coordinator for more information.

Time commitment - 1 hour per week


Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Do you have a voice of melted caramel, or know someone who loves to talk? Then we want you, or them. Our top teams need a compere.  This role is ad hoc, and the compere will only be required when the teams are playing home games. Want to know more? Please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.Contact our volunteer coordinator.


Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Taringa Rovers always needs strong admin support to help organise our club. If Admin is your strength, and you can donate some of your time to this, please get in touch. Contact

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