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Last updated 23 Jul 2024
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All Coaches and Managers Read the First Time Managers section



Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Thank you for giving your time to manage your child’s team at Taringa Rovers. Without you our kids wouldn’t get to play this great game.

Managing the team is fun and not too challenging, and involves team communication regarding fixtures, subs, training times and more. The manager is also responsible for creating cohesiveness in the team as up until older age groups, your communication is to parents. 

Accessing Your Team:

To access your team information, including player management, please refer to this link for guidance on navigating Majestri, our club's player management system.

Training Schedule:

Our training sessions will be held at Jack Speare Park in Taringa. You can find the detailed Taringa Rovers SFC 2024 training schedule on our club website or by clicking here.

First Steps for Coaches and Managers:

Upon accessing your team, please extend a warm welcome to your players and ensure they are correctly registered. Should any discrepancies arise, notify the club registrar. It is important to communicate essential information to your team, establish a means of group communication (WhatsApp group chat or Squadi's chat function), and familiarize yourself with the Squadi app, including its team sheet function.

Upcoming Fixtures and Regulations:

Stay updated. Check fixture and match timings well in advance and communicate this to your team. Additionally, communicate jersey schedules and ensure all families are aware of their responsibilities regarding jersey laundering, create a laundry roster to ensure them jerseys are laundered together each week.

Familiarize yourself with the FQ 2024 Rules of Competition HERE

Squadi and Working with Children Checks:

All coaches and managers must be registered in Squadi and possess a valid blue card. Detailed instructions on applying for a Bluecard exemption can be found here. If you have not registered in Squadi and supplied a blue card please do this asap.

Player Registration and Fees:

All players must be registered in Squadi before participating in any games. Refer to the "Squadi made easy" guide on our website for assistance. Ensure registration fees are settled beforehand; the club fee schedule can be accessed here.

Uniforms and Equipment:

Please follow the instructions on our website regarding uniforms. Note that there might be a shortage of socks due to import delays. For inquiries regarding team kits, contact our Equipment Coordinator, Sean, by clicking here.


Taringa Rovers Soccer FC


As a team manager you will now have access to SQUADI to manage your team, set up training events and attendance records. 

  1. Download the Squadi App to claim your profile already loaded from your PlayFootball registration
  2. Watch the Managing your team video
  3. Watch the Completing a team sheet video
  4. Read the Coach/Manager Help Guide for more information on other features and benefits
  5. Click here for the Coach Guide
  6. Click here for the coach/manager guide 
  7. Read the How to score a match for Live Scoring Guide

How to invite players to training/game 

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Log into your account and access your team.

Click on FIXTURE if you're uploading match details, and ACTIVITY for training and friendlies


Fill in the details on the screen, add any notes for the team etc, then click the green DONE button

Create  Fixture

If you upload a whole season, your screen will look like this (below). Utilize the +COPY function to copy training, then you just have to change the dates in the screen without changing any other information.  Click on the activity or fixture to bring up the information contained for that event.


When it comes to inviting your team to training or a fixture, click the select all to select the players, then click "invite"


You can utilize the function below after you have invited your team to return to the Dugout.



Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

  • Link to Serious Injury Report Form - HERE
  • Link to sports injury insurance claim information HERE

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