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Last updated 6 Aug 2022
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All Coaches and Managers Read the First Time Managers section


Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Thank you for volunteering your time to manage your child’s team at Taringa Rovers. Without you our kids wouldn’t get to play this great game.

Managing the team is fun and not too challenging, and involves team communication regarding fixtures, subs, training times and more. The manager is also responsible for creating cohesiveness in the team as up until older age groups, your communication is to parents. Many may have been in the football community for a few years, and also many maybe new. Things change from year to year so the manager’s role is crucial in assisting the team to have an enjoyable season.

Here are some of the first things to do -

    1. You must have a valid Working with Children (WWC) Bluecard. Complete this google doc to do this. This costs you $0 and is your verified working with children accreditation. It is also a Football Queensland requirement. 
    2. Register in Playfootballas a manager or volunteer.
    3. Link your WWC (Bluecard) information to your PlayFootball account. Click HERE for info how to do this. 
    4. Log into your Taringa Roversaccount  and find access to your team. Under your primary contact details, you will see the role you are allocated, and the team you coaching/managing.
    5. Click on the team name
    6. Then you will see your players, their PlayFootball status and more.

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  • Once you have logged into your team, you can create fixtures, activities (training), contact players and more. 
  • One of the first things to do is please email the team and let them know what team they are on and when training and games take place.
  • Some teams choose to also set up a WhatsApp or Signal group. This is used to communicate non training and fixture activities - example feedback on games, car pooling, running late for training etc. 
  • Managers in teams who are provided jerseys should set up a laundry roster for the season. The jerseys should be kept together and laundered together. This ensures everyone has a shirt for a game, and keeps the jerseys all looking the same.
  • You are encouraged to utilize the "fixture" tab and the "activities" tab to communicate with your team for training and games. You invite players electronically this way, and it makes managing the team simple and easy. Encourage your team members to respond to training and fixture invites this way. 
  • Click HERE for an example of an email you may want to send to your team each week. 

How to invite players to training/game 

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Log into your account and access your team.

Click on FIXTURE if you're uploading match details, and ACTIVITY for training and friendlies


Fill in the details on the screen, add any notes for the team etc, then click the green DONE button

Create  Fixture

If you upload a whole season, your screen will look like this (below). Utilize the +COPY function to copy training, then you just have to change the dates in the screen without changing any other information.  Click on the activity or fixture to bring up the information contained for that event.


When it comes to inviting your team to training or a fixture, click the select all to select the players, then click "invite"


You can utilize the function below after you have invited your team to return to the Dugout.



Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Under 12’s:

Under12’s are treated as a transitional year for this cohort, where the expectations of competitive football are introduced to provide players, coaches and managers a season to learn the ropes. Team sheets and match results are able to be loaded into FQ Teamsheets (photos not mandatory), however, there will be no public facing ladders. Match results may also be taken into consideration for Under 13 Grading in 2023. Again, this is not mandatory, but is encouraged and assists in painting a holistic picture. As Under 12’sare considered MiniRoos.

Under 12 Playing Format - click HERE


Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

All match sheets are to be submitted through the FQTeamsheet Portal.  


1. Register in Play Football as a coach or manager asap – see above instructions on how to do this

2. Login to FQTeamsheet portal via this link:  User name is your FFA number and initial password is also your FFA number.  

3. Follow the instructions - Quickstart Guide.  

4. If you are unable to see your team in the portal, email to request that you be added to your team in Brisbane.myfgc (include your team name) 

5. Add players to team and photos of all players in your team to the FQTeamsheets portal – they do not transfer across from PlayFootball.  Do this well prior to the first fixture.  Instructions on adding photos are HERE.  The easiest way to do this is attend training one night and take photos of everyone in the team in their training kit, then upload the photos well in advance.

Note: Players must be Active in PlayFootball (see instructions above) in order to be swept across to the FQTeamsheet Portal.   Sweep is done manually by FQ on a regular basis but there will be some delay between activation of a PlayFootball registration and the player becoming available for selection in the FQTeamsheet portal. 


  • Player is not available for selection in the FQTeamsheet portal -
- check they have an Active PlayFootball registration

- search by FFA number rather than name

  • Unable to enter shirt numbers - 
- Once the players for the starting line up and bench have been selected, choose "SAVE" 

For each match:

1. Create Match Sheet and submit in FQTeamsheet portal – see the Quickstart Guide linked above.


Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Tutorial Videos:

Tutorial videos have been uploaded to the Football Queensland website; in case these need to be referred to throughout the season. Click here:

Football Queensland Metro Rules  

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Click here to access Football Queensland metro rules. Useful if you need to borrow players, find subs, and lots lots more.


Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

See The Sports TGwebsite for all fixture details (U9 upwards) & addresses & maps for away fixtures.  

This can also be accessed from the Fixtures/Results link on the right hand side of the home page.


Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

  • Link to Serious Injury Report Form - HERE
  • Link to sports injury insurance claim information HERE

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