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Last updated 23 Jul 2024
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Referee Info

Referee Information 

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Are there referee's for your Junior Divisional, Senior Men's or Senior Women's Game?

Referees are initially appointed by Football Queensland  If FQ cannot provide all 3 required refs for a game then Taringa is grateful to be assisted by a volunteer who endeavours to arrange Club Referees for the game.  

Club Referees

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Taringa Rovers SFC are always looking for Club Referees. Can you help? We will give you all the help and support you may need. 

A great opportunity to get outdoors, watch some football and make new friends. Taringa Rovers look for 2 types of Club Referees:

  •          Club Assistant Referees run “lines” on all U12 and older games (you must be 13+; all ages welcome)
  •          Club Centre Referees are “in the middle with a whistle” (all ages welcome).

We also need experience: so players please joinus

Referee coaching is normally held in January each year.

If you have any queries or would like to register for our great program, pls email Chris by clicking HERE


Referee Questions

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Chris by clicking HERE

For Referees at our next Home games, hit this link

If you need a Referee for your game, send details to our Referee Coordinator

Become a Club Referee If you are 12 or older, consider qualifying as a Club Referee.

Register here! Instruction in Jan-Apr each year. Adults very welcome.

Ask a ref! If you have a question about the Laws of the Game or an unusual game

situation, our Referee Coordinator will get you an answer. Email


Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

The U9-U12 referees are called "Instructing Referees" (TRSFC Club Refs are club players usually between 13-16yrs old), their role is to "instruct players in the correct way to play the game and help them enjoy the game". There are no linesman, which means it is impossible to make the right call all the time; and they do not hand out red/yellow cards should a player /parent behave inappropriately. In no instance should our TRSFC referees have to confront aggressive behaviour from team officials/parents.

We are totally committed in supporting our TRSFC Club referees and have introduced Ground Officials for all home matches. The role of the Ground Officials is to support the referees, should they feel intimidated/threatened in anyway. We ask that they keep an eye on proceedings and if inappropriate behaviour continues either on the field/the sidelines to address it with the coaches/field coordinators.

Referees will hand out a vest to a team parent prior to kick-off, these must be returned to the bottom field shed at the end of the game. We encourage all parents to share this responsibility and take turns. We do appreciate your support with this initiative.

Referee Payment 

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

Football Queensland referees are paid directly by FQ.

Club referees are paid by eft by submission of the form provided by the Referee Co-ordinator.

Managers are to email their age-group co-ordinator if the advertised referees do not turn up to the games so that the club can check it is not being charged.


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