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Last updated 17 Jun 2024
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WWC - Working With Children (Bluecard) requirements

WWC - BlueCard Link and Info 

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

A Blue Card is required for any coach/volunteer or referee who has contact with anyone under 18 years and must be linked in the Club's Qld Government Bluecard Services Organisational Portal. 

Registered teachers and police officers need to apply for an exemption card. The process is the same as applying for a blue card. Click the same link.

If you do not have a current Bluecard or exemption card or wish to renew one, you can apply online by clickingTHIS LINK

1. Complete as many requirements as possible; you will reach a part in the form that says, "We need more information  from your volunteer organisation."  

2. At this stage, sign out and check your email. 

3. You will be sent an email like the one below. 

4. Once you have that email, please email the club registrar your account number and DOB and ask to be linked.  An example of what you will receive, which contains your account number, is this - 

Hello XXXX

Congratulations, you have created an online account with Blue Card Services. Your account number is 637212.

Your blue card application is not yet complete. You will need to login to the applicant portal and choose Apply for a blue card or exemption card or Renew my blue card or exemption card to complete and lodge your application.

Under the ‘No card, no start’ law, you must hold a valid Blue Card to continue working with children. The steps listed above can be followed to renew a Blue Card.


Why do I need to have an ID card for the 2024 season?

All coaches, managers and team officials over the age of 18 must have an ID card by May 6 to gain access to the technical area as part of Football Queensland’s ‘No Badge, No Bench, No Ref Room’ initiative. 

This member protection initiative has been introduced by Football Queensland and forms part of broader child safety and protection measures that increase visibility and reassurance for parents and participants while reinforcing safeguarding children measures.

Why does Football Queensland require a blue card when coaching my child's team when the Queensland Government may offer an exemption?

Implementing broader policies and integrated measures that keep children safe are Football Queensland’s highest priority. Safeguarding the young participants who are part of our game is considered by FQ to be of far more importance than any minor inconvenience that may be experienced by individuals who are required to apply for a blue card. 

For this reason, the submission of current Working with Children details is mandatory when registering as a coach, manager or team official in Play Football in order to receive an ID card for the 2022 season. 

Will Football Queensland check that my Working with Children details are correct before issuing my ID card?

No, it is the responsibility of the club to verify Working with Children details for all coaches, managers and team officials over the age of 18 and ensure that these are current, correct and updated in the club’s Blue Card Services Organisational Portal.

An ID card will not be issued to an individual if the blue card details are missing or are entered incorrectly.

What if I have an exemption card?

Individuals with exemption cards are required to provide their exemption number details which will be listed on their ID card.

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