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Last updated 17 Jun 2024
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TRSFC Behaviour Management Policy

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

At Taringa Rovers Soccer Club (TRSFC), we are dedicated to ensuring the safety and protection of all our members. As part of our commitment to providing fun, safe, and fair football for children, parents, administrators, coaches, officials, and volunteers, we have implemented the TRSFC Behaviour Management Policy with the following objectives:

Promote Positive Behaviours: We aim to establish clear standards of behaviour expected from all members, parents, participants, coaches, and officials within our soccer community.

Maintain a Respectful Environment: We align our Behaviour Management Policy with Football Queensland's "Protect Our Game" initiative, which aims to eliminate poor behaviour on and off the field. We expect all referees, players, coaches, volunteers, and spectators to foster a positive environment and supportive behaviours when involved in football.

Key Elements of the "Protect Our Game" Campaign:


TRSFC adheres to Football Queensland's Three Strike Policy to combat referee abuse and unacceptable behaviors occurring both on and off the field.

Clubs, including TRSFC, are responsible for their players and participants while safeguarding the wellbeing and safety of referees. The accumulation of strikes will occur if clubs fail to manage referee abuse or address unacceptable member behaviours.


TRSFC actively promotes positive football behaviours by displaying infographics and posters that highlight key messages for our members.

We have installed Football Queensland's "Protect Our Game" posters at our club facilities in high-traffic areas to raise awareness about unacceptable behaviours and the Three Strike Policy. These posters emphasize appropriate behaviour for players, spectators, team officials, and club officials.


Football Queensland provides content on the key Laws of the Game through various digital channels. This initiative helps stakeholders gain a better understanding of the decisions made by referees during matches. 

Behaviour Management Procedures at TRSFC:

Code of Conduct: All players, parents, coaches, officials, and volunteers are required to abide by the TRSFC Code of Conduct, which outlines expected behaviours and standards.

Breach of Conduct: In case of any breaches of the Code of Conduct or unacceptable behaviours, TRSFC will follow a structured procedure for addressing such incidents:

a. Informal Resolution: Initially, the matter will be addressed informally by a relevant club official or coach, aiming to resolve the issue through open communication and education.

b. Formal Intervention: If the unacceptable behaviour persists or becomes severe, TRSFC will initiate formal intervention. This may involve meetings with the involved parties and/or escalating the matter to the TRSFC Management Committee.

c. Sanctions: Depending on the severity and frequency of the breach, appropriate sanctions may be applied, such as warnings, suspension, or expulsion from TRSFC activities.


At Taringa Rovers Soccer Club, we are committed to maintaining a positive and respectful soccer environment for all participants. Through our Behaviour Management Policy and alignment with Football Queensland's "Protect Our Game" initiative, we strive to ensure that everyone involved in our club promotes positive behaviours and contributes to the overall enjoyment and growth of football in our community.

*****PLEASE REMEMBER*****  Should you become abusive and/or pedantic to our any of our volunteers, you will be asked to leave the club. There is no excuse for rude, demanding and abusive behaviour, either in person or via email. If you are that unhappy you need to send in excess of 30 email within a 25 day period, take a long hard look at yourself and consider leaving TRSFC for another club. Also consider, the reason we perhaps haven't asked you to leave the club is not because we tolerate your reprehensible behaviour, it is because we are supporting your player(s) who generally has/have no idea his/her parent is completely unhinged. We sometimes make the difficult decision to manage you and your disgraceful behaviour for the sake of your child. BE BETTER


Football Australia Member Protection Framework 

Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

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