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Last updated 6 Aug 2022
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Taringa Rovers Soccer FC

To play in the Queensland Master's Football League you need to agree to the administrators Disclaimer and Code of Conduct set out below:

Disclaimer and indemnity

(Note:  By registering with Taringa Rovers as an Over 35 player and accepting the Over35 Terms during that process, you agree to the Queensland Master's Football League terms and conditions. Your own and your next of kin’s legal rights and entitlements could be affected and you should obtain your own independent legal advice before signing)

I hereby consent to play under the jurisdiction and for Queensland Masters Football (“QMF”) as a registered player for the Taringa Rovers Soccer Football Club.  I acknowledge and accept that my registration to play in QMF is conditional upon my acceptance of the following conditions (signified by paid up registration and subsequent electronic acceptance of the Over35 terms appearing hereunder):-

1.     Football is a body contact sport from which injury, disablement or even death may occur.  I play and train at my own risk and my executors and I hereby agree to fully indemnify QMF, its directors, management, staff, coaches, affiliates, members and clubs upon whose grounds matches or training may be played against any damages, losses or judgments they may incur as a result of my playing Football under the jurisdiction of QMF.

2.     I acknowledge that I have been made aware and am aware that QMF and the Club does not have insurance cover protecting me against loss of earnings resulting from injuries nor a capital lump sum payment for permanent disablement or death.  I declare that I have either obtained my own insurance cover to protect myself against all such eventualities, or I have elected not to insure myself and accept the risk of loss of earnings or loss of lump sum benefit for both myself, my family and my heirs and executors nominated in my Will.

3.     I declare that I believe I am in proper physical condition to play Football and that QMF has recommended that I first obtain a medical checkup before commencing to play or train at the start of each season, or after suffering an injury or a lay-off period exceeding two weeks.

4.     I accept the code of conduct appearing hereover and agree to be disciplined by QMF should I breach the code of conduct.

Registration Accepted by QMF on the date shown below and remains valid until December 31st in that year whereupon registration lapses automatically.

            …………………………………………………………                        …………………………..

            (for Queensland Masters Football)                                          (Date Accepted)



All players whose have registered as an Over 35 player at Taringa Rovers Soccer Football Club and accepted electronically the Over35 Terms agree to participate in Queensland Masters Football and any event organised by QMF and accept the rules and code of conduct.

1.            All players must be 35 years of age in the year of competition to be able to play.

2.            No slide tackles can be used at any time.

3.            No dissent, foul or abusive language may be used at any time.

4.            No aggressive play is to be engaged in at any time.

5.            The referee of any match is the sole arbiter and has sole disciplinary powers over all players.

6.            All players agree to accept the decisions of the referee.

7.            Should the referee or the committee of Queensland Masters Football deem that any player plays contrary to the spirit or rules of QMF, then that player may be expelled or suspended from QMF.

8.            A decision of the Committee or the Referee to suspend or expel a player is final and may not be challenged in any Court or other forum.

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