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Last updated 17 Jun 2024
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What is the FQ Academy?

The Football Queensland Academy system is Football Australia's recognised talent pathway for young players across our state. The program aligns the Queensland player pathway with the national development and Talent Identification system, linking outstanding junior players to Australia's national teams. Click HERE for more information.

At TRSFC we offer FQA teams from ages 9 through to senior mens. Contact the club for more information. 


What is Squadi?

Squadi is a competition management system (Squadi) which was mandated by FQ to be used by all QLD clubs to from 2023. The system has been plagued with issues and has increased volunteer admin time by 10 fold. While the system is free for clubs, it certainly does not reduce clubs' operating costs or remove  unnecessary duplication of effort for clubs, volunteers and participants like FQ promised. The system is geared up to collect revenue for FQ first and foremost, the user interface comes second. 

As a player in Queensland, you will need to register in Squadi and pay your governing body fees in Squadi. Most clubs continue to use their own inhouse player management system called Majestri, which is why when registering you will be asked to register in 2 places; Registration with your club where you will pay your club fees, and then registration with Squadi where you will pay your governing body fees.


How do I become a ref?

Interested in becoming a ref? Then we want you. Click HERE for all the info and Chris A's contact details 

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When does the 2024 season start and finish?

See attached, this is the season calendar for the SEQ Conference, NPL, FQPL 2 and Metro 

For girls u9 - u12 the first training of the season will be on Monday, 18th March and the last one on Monday 9th of September. There will be 18 games played on Saturday, 9 at home at Jack Speare and 9 at away clubs.


How much are the 2024 fees?

The 2024 fees are on the registrations page at the bottom. Click on Registrations, then Sign up for 2024, then scroll down.

How do I use Squadi?

For information on how to use Squadi, click HERE


Where do I get a uniform?

Please see the information on our UNIFORMS tab on our website 

What MiniRoos's programs does TRSFC Run?

TRSFC runs several competitions for Miniroos aged between 5 and 12 years old.

In-house comps for u6 & u7's

In-house competition focuses on development of basic skills, playing with friends and most importantly, having fun. There is no grading of teams. Teams in U6-U7s are formed based on requested friendship groups. Players are placed in teams by the U6-U7 coordinator.

More information can be found on our website or by clicking HERE

Inter-club comps for u8's - u12's 

Intra-club mixed competition for U8 to U12s is based on friendship groups as well, however, teams in this age group are graded. TRSFC has Kangaroo and Wallaby grading. Kangaroos are our high-performance teams and are selected at the end of the previous season via trials  Wallabies are our mixed community teams.

More information con U8s an be found on our website or by clicking HERE

U9-U12 information can be found on our website or by clicking HERE

All U8–U12 teams are coached and managed by parent volunteers. Coaches are supported by our Miniroos Director of Coaching Andy Dixon. You can contact Andy HERE


Do you offer trials?

FQ and Kangaroo trials are conducted at the end of each season for the following year. Trials are available to all players at TRSFC through an expression of interest. Players are ranked on their performance at the trials, and on feedback regarding skill and behaviour by their coach for that year.

Kangaroo players are expected to sign a contract regarding their behaviour and commitment for the season. Positions on Kangaroo teams are by offer only, and are confirmed by signing the player contract and paying the required deposit to the club. 

We do not hold trials for general community mixed Miniroos teams. All teams start the same and are allocated teams by our Age Group Coordinators. We do not have open days or ‘come and try’ days prior to registration closing.

Players wanting to try out for our high-performance teams are expected to register and try out at the end of the previous season (i.e. Sept/October of the year before). Positions are offered, contracts are signed, and teams are locked in place prior to commencement of registration for the season ahead.

Any new players to the club that haven’t trialled and are registering at the start of the season, will be registered into the intra-club mixed competition, regardless of whether they have played in high performance Kangaroo teams previously for another club. The coaches and managers will monitor the performance of the players and may invite individuals from the mixed competition to either play up into Kangaroo squads for particular matches or the season, or to shadow the high-performance teams in training for the season or part of the season. NOTE - our Director of coaching, Andy is always available for discussion, please contact Andy HERE


When do the season training and games commence?

First games for the 2023 Miniroos season will commence in April 2023. Miniroos teams will start training in the March 2023. Training will be once per week on a designated day.


How do I access my account?

Info on how to login to your account & access your registration can be found HERE.   Use this to add any additional players to the registration or update any personal details etc. 

When/how do I register?

Registrations for the season 2024 are open and close by the first week in April. Whilst we do accept some later registrations, places in teams do become very limited and registrations received after the end of January may not be able to be accommodated.

You can register on the club's registration site. Once you complete the club registration you will be prompted to register through PlayFootball. Your registration is not complete until you have registered in both places and paid your fees for the year.


I already have a registration but the amount outstanding has changed?

Due to last minute changes to the registration process by Football Queensland, the original fee charges to some accounts was.   We are working through the registrations manually to make the readjustments to charge the correct fees.  Final invoices will be emailed once completed.   All fees are now to be paid to the club with no further fees payable in any other platform.   


What age-group should my child play in?

The player's age-group is the age they turn at their birthday in the calendar year they play.  For example, any player turning 8 between 1 January & 31 December 2016 will play in Under 8 (U8) for the 2024 Season.


I'm getting emails telling me my player is not registered but I have registered. What do I do?

Before emailing the registrar, please double check that the following have been completed:

1. Club website registration;
2. Full payment/committment to payment plan;

You will have sucessfully completed all steps from your end if you receive an email from Squadi confirming Squadi registration. Confirmation is not granted until all fees are paid in full, or players are signed up to a payment plan. 


Why can't I register my player in their age-group?

Whist every effort is made to ensure everyone who wishes to play will be able to, each age group has a different quota of players that can be accommodated.  This may mean that some age groups may fill up and be closed before others. Preference will be based on date of registration and if fees are paid.  Availability will be updated on the website.  

If you are unable to register in an agegroup, it may be that the agegroup is full.   If so, please email the relevant agegroup coordinator to request waitlist placement.

Can I use a FairPlay voucher?

Yes, the club accepts FairPlay vouchers.   These can be redeemed at checkout.  

For more information on fee assistance through the Queensland Government's FairPlay system, click HERE


Can I get a refund?

Refunds are given at the clubs discretion and will incur a $30 per player administration fee plus any other fees incurred by the club. Governing body fees are not refundable if you have attended any training session or a match. Governing body fees are refunded through Squadi. For club fee refunds, please send requests for withdrawal and refund to


When will the game fixtures be available?

The fixtures for in-house teams (U6, U7s and U8's) are completed by a volunteer at TRSFC. They will be made available once we have confirmed final team numbers and will be posted on the club page one week prior to season starting.

The fixtures for the intra-club (U8–U13) teams are completed by Football Queensland after registrations are closed and they have had time to assign teams across the Brisbane region. These fixtures are often not available until the week prior to the first game of the season. An email will be sent out to teams advising once these become available.


How long does my child's game go for?

The duration of matches for each age group are outlined in the table below. After normal time in each half, the match official may add on injury/Stoppage time as required, however, this is only applicable for Senior competitions. No extra time is added for Junior competitions. 




Under 18

2 x 45 mins

10 - 15 mins

Under 16

2 x 40 mins

10 mins

Under 15

2 x 40 mins

10 mins

Under 14

2 x 35 mins

5 mins

Under 13

2 x 30 mins

5 mins


Has the u13 playing format changed?

Yes, as of 2023 it has. Please refer to our website for more information, or by clicking HERE


I need more training equipment, who do I contact?

Please contact our Equipment coordinator to discuss and arrange for more equipment. 

Where do I find the fixtures for my U6-U8 player?

To be updated for the 2023 season. Contact the U6-U8 coordinator for more information


What day's and times do Miniroos train?

Training times and allocations vary from year to year subject to numbers of teams registered across the club in various age groups.

Once we know what days and times Miniroos will train in 2024, we will update this section. 


Why can't you tell me when my child's team will train prior to signing up?

Despite our best planning efforts, final team numbers are not known until after the registration period has closed, which makes it difficult to confirm the training schedule prior to this date. There are more than 35 Miniroos teams at TRSFC, each with specific training requirements. It takes a lot of organising and many drafts before we come up with the final training schedule.

When does the season finish?

The Miniroos season generally finished at the end of school Term 3. The final Miniroos game for 2024 season is in the first week of September. 


Where do Miniroos Train?

Our Miniroos train at Jack Cooke Park, Jack Speare Park, and Indooroopilly State High School. 

Can I request a spcific team/coach/friend group for my child's team?

Yes, by all means. We encourage this in our younger age groups.  The Age Group Coordinators will accommodate these requests wherever possible. 

We try to ensure all requests are considered, however, we receive a huge number of requests and cannot promise that all will be successful. This is particularly relevant in situations where players from the same school year were born in different calendar years and therefore have to play in different age groups.

Requests late in the registration process are more difficult to process than those received earlier.


When will I find out what team my child is in?

Age Group Coordinators will not start allocating teams until registrations close in late January. There is then a huge amount of information to process before we can confirm teams. We will aim to get your child’s team allocation to you two weeks prior to the start of training.

How do I get a uniform?

Click HERE for information on how to obtain a uniform. 

We have a wonderful Uniform team at TRSFC, they can answer all your uniform questions. Click HERE to contact them. 

Where can I buy or sell 2nd hand uniforms?

There is a facebook group for trading 2nd hand uniforms. 

It's called "Taringa Rovers 2nd Hand Gear".  Click HERE to join the group. 

I have a question, who do I contact?

Questions -  Technical director  

Director of coaching  Andy

Ages 14 - 18  Kevin

Ages 9 - 13  Glenn

Ages 6 - 8  Juan

Ages 3 - 5 Juan

Girls/Women Ages 9 - 16 Mary

Director of Coaching  Christian

Senior Women Niamh

FQPL Men  Brett -

FQPL Head Coach Marco -

FQPL Women  Niamh -






Can I volunteer at TRSFC?

Yes! TRSFC is run by volunteers and we welcome any contribution you are willing to make, no matter how big or small. We have a robust volunteers team which is what makes TRSFC great. Everything at the club, including what you are reading now is done by volunteers. Please contact our volunteers coordinator for more information, or go to the Volunteers tab on our website for more information and join us. 

Do you offer holiday camps or skills camps?

Yes we do. Please refer to our website for more information, or click HERE.

Our holiday camps and academies are run by Andy Dixon, our Director of Coaching. Please contact Andy for more information by clicking HERE

Can my child play up an age group?

The general answer to this question is ‘no’. Playing up a year level is not encouraged by the club and is actively discouraged by Football Queensland.

This is usually only possible if your child’s current age group is full, and there are spaces in the age group above. 

If your child does play up an age group, you will need to sign a document giving permission for this to happen. Your child will only be able to play up an age group for that season, the following season they will be expected to play in their original age group.

Playing up an age group in order to play with friends is not a good enough reason for Football Queensland to make an exception.


Can my child play down an age group?

Playing down an age group is generally only acceptable in exceptional circumstances. Dispensation for playing down a year level will need to be sought from Football Queensland and will need to be supported by relevant documentation to make a case for this to occur. Children who are small for their age, have problems with social interactions, or who have a medical reason to play with a younger age group will need documentation for this to be approved. Please contact Andy, our director of coaching for more information. 

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